A particularly violent nation, bent on dominating the other nations; primarily the Unda Nadas. Their grudge against them is so great, the borders between the two are at a constant battle. Due to this conflict, the nation Caelum Ruat and them are a little less savage, but this does not completely protect them from their militaristic might.

The nation strongly values strength in both battle and the home, which result in individuals who are stubborn and unmoving in resolve and moral. The people of this nation will find few people to trust in but when they do find said individuals, it is a bond that is rarely broken. It is said that back when the nations were just tribes, the Unda Nadas betrayed this trait of theirs which caused their eternal feud to begin with.

The Afera have a belief that their founders were once born from the beasts that roam their land, which is where the people get their strength from. It is here that the name of the mation comes from, meaning “no longer beast”.

The capital of Afera is Gladorum, which is home of the fighters guild.


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