The Haze of Magic

Summary thus far

The party has met up and was told to set off and save the world. They adventured to Atlus City to discover the asks that are needed to be performed in order to set the world into a balance. They traveled to the earth temple where they met and obtained Terry, who is the new guardian of the Earth Plane. They then encountered The Liadela Mansion where they learned of the terror that is Maika. Jerry was then met and became a member of the party. The Party then set off to Searport where they negotiated with Bob the gnome to obtain a ship so they can travel to the Fire temple. At Sea, the party encountered “Pirates” who Marooned them onto Clowe Island, A small little place that is overrun by Kobolds. After some touchy dealings with the not so friendly lizards, an agreement was made and the Kobolds helped repair the ship and the party sailed off to Tanalus Volcano, where the city of Machinus rests. They then ran through the Fire temple where Jerry became the new Guardian of the Fire Temple. The party Set off to return the ship to Bob the gnome but upon arrival, The party received news that they need to travel off to the Island of dreams in order to rescue John, Lacesbane’s Father. Upon arriving on the island, the military outpost on the port of the island was burning down and ended up killing majority of the citizens there. The party was able to rescue one individual and then proceeded into the forest deeper in the island. They ended up finding john, already plagued with the final stage of a disease that has been recently discovered, one that makes the target berserk around magic in the early stages and become a crystalline statue in the latest stage. They transported John back to the ship with his companion Oddy. The party made it back to Atlus City, reported to Gearz, started a kickstarter for their adventure, and got ready to set off for the next temple


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